Saturday, January 20, 2007

This concept, mutually assured respect, is by no means a new one - for most westerners it is called "the golden rule" - treat others how you want to be treated. But this concept has grown larger as the world has become more connected and we are all much more aware of what other cultures are doing.

While many governments across the world advocate tolerance, or respect, most organized religions come up short. As a member of Organized Religion A(ORA), how do you respect said person of Organized Religion B(ORB)????? ORA has one path to the afterlife, and ORB has another path -- so right from the surface there is tension between them. And then there are those that don’t believe in an afterlife at all.

So this blog will present ideas that will hopefully assist all of us as we transition to a new level of understanding. Can there ever be a “one world” view – which would be essential for true mutual respect? Could the “prophet” based religions ever agree with the atheists ? What would they agree on?